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Guide to Plumbers Brisbane

What is a plumber?

A plumber is a trade’s person who is specialized in installing and maintenance of systems used for portable sewage, water, and drainage systems. Have you ever had a burst pipe or broken toilet drainage? Who did you call? Plumbers are personnel who will make sure that all the waste disposal systems and other related appliances are smoothly running. Becoming a plumber means that you must be physically fit. You have to have the strength and stamina to work in different environments at all hours of the day. Emergency plumbers must be on call 24 hours, 7 days a week. It is a demanding job. Michael Phillips from Pro Plumber Brisbane says that “the role of a plumber takes allot out of you if you aren’t in shape. We offer 24 hour services so all our plumbers need to be fit and healthy and ready at any time of the day or night. Our plumbing maintenance services mean whenever we are called, we must arrive within 2 hours to anywhere in Brisbane.”

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Do plumbers need a license / plumber licenses in Queensland?

Plumbers need licenses. Although if one is an employee, he/she does not need a license unless they are responsible for; directing and overseeing work, ensuring the work is up to standards and ensuring work is up to the specifications and plans. Queensland offered various certificated for plumbers according to their level and also expertise. There is the overall certificate, but it is only acquired by those who want to become professional plumbers. Licenses offered are;

Provisional licenses

It is also called a trainers license, and it allows an individual to do plumbing and drainage work while under the supervision of a fully licensed plumber.

Restricted license

This is offered by the QBCCto allow a limited amount of drainage and plumbing work which is to be performed without the need of complete plumbing and drainage qualification.


This kind of licenses allows one to do specialized kinds of jobs that are not covered in the standard apprenticeship package, e.g. sewerage facility maintenance, backflow prevention, and fire protection.

Contractor’s license

This is a full certificate offered by the QBCC and ensures that one does not need an occupational license and can supervise work by themselves.

According to these licenses and the duties one can perform with certain licenses, it is important for plumbers to obtain helpful licenses which enable them to carry out tasks in their specialization and comfort without much struggle. You can find out more from the Plumbers Union Queensland website.

Common Plumbing Services and when you need them

Dripping taps and pipes

This is a service offered in a case of an emergency where one makes a request to be served by a plumber when taps and pipes are dripping water continuously. It may be a broken tap or one that needs replacement. Once you ask for the service in this situation, there will be is solved. Immediate action and your problem.

Toilet blockage

Has your toilet facility ever failed to flash? How was the condition of the house? This is a common problem in most homes. This needs plumbing services to figure out where the problem might be and fix before conditions get worse.

Piping in a new house

This is a service that is needed most by everyone regardless of the situation. Everyone has been involved in a project of house construction. However small, it needs plumbing services to do all the piping work and fixing of taps and other drainage systems.

Pipe bursts

This is a condition where a pipe bursts and overflows with a lot of water. It can be a situation in the house or outside the house which makes water inaccessible in the house. Plumbing services are highly required here to fix the issue once and for all.

How to choose a plumber?


When choosing a plumber, you have to consider the area he/she is specialized in. there are plumbers that don’t have licenses, and others might be under training, so it is good to make a wise choice and lack experienced one in case it’s a huge problem.


This is a consideration for a lot of people currently. The cost of service is very important to the customer so that they chose the plumber who will do the service at a rice convenient to their budgets.


In most cases, plumbers operate within a certain area allocated to them. Therefore, it is good to consider choosing a plumber who is in close range in case the problem might lead to the destruction of other valuable property.

Kind of problem/service you want

Just like in the construction industry, there are plumbers specialized in unclogging toilets, others fixing of broken pipes and others deal with task It is good to choose a plumber who can do the task at hand in an excellent way and do a perfect job than who will do shoddy work because that is not their area of specialty.

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Sample plumbing costs

Depending on the location that one lives; you can expect to make payments in the following figures;

  • $60 to $140 for fixing a leaking toilet or fixing a dripping tap.
  • $80to $250 for the replacement of basin taps or a new shower
  • $160 to $550 for the installation of a basin, sink, toilet and bath.
  • $1200 to $4,500 for the hot water services replacement
  • $3500 to $12,000 for the installation of a solar heater system. This usually depends on the complexity and size of the system.
  • $5000 to $20,000 for the replacement of the drainage system.


Plumbing is a task that might seem hard to some people, but the truth is that the professionals enjoy their work and love seeing people out of bad situations. They do it out of passion and likeness of their hearts. Moreover, it is a highly paying job which only requires few skills and expertise and if need be, a few certificates.

In Queensland, plumbing has been considered one of the most helpful jobs to the service of the people and the entire society. Through the discussed needs and skills required, it is true that plumbers can be so helpful at times. There is just that one day that something related to pipes and drainage arises, that’s when we call plumbers to come and fix our problem. Their usefulness is important in fulfilling other people’s needs.